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What Is The Edge Program?
Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is The Edge Program?

The Edge is a revolutionary approach to real estate settlements offered through First Savings Settlement Services, a joint-venture between First Savings Mortgage Corporation and Monarch Title, Inc.

Participating homebuyers receive an ironclad loan approval letter, guaranteed closing costs, and a closing cost credit of between $500 and $5,000.

Since 2003 millions of dollars of Edge Credits have been paid to hundreds of homebuyers across the Metro DC area.

The Edge Credit is not available in Washington, DC.


Can Anyone Get An Edge Loan?

Qualified borrowers need only secure their home mortgage through First Savings Mortgage and settle their purchase with First Savings Settlement Services.


Where Can I Settle My Real Estate Purchase?

First Savings Settlement Services currently has seven offices conveniently located throughout the metropolitan Washington, DC area.


How Do I Begin the Application Process?

Every Edge transaction begins with a meeting between a prospective homebuyer and a First Savings Mortgage Loan Officer. Call First Savings Mortgage Corporation at 703-883-9010 to schedule an appointment.